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Goldstab Stabilizers: An Environmentally Friendly Alternative

Keeping the need for sustainable development in mind, we have particularly invested our time and resources in the development of ecologically sustainable additives. Today, we offer you an extensive portfolio of PVC heat stabilizers for the wide range of applications like Pipes, Profiles, Fittings, Foam Board, Leather Cloth, Shoes, Wires and Cables that are free from heavy metals, with an emphasis on high-performance. These stabilizers are available in solid calcium/zinc one pack systems and liquid non-toxic stabilizers.

Calcium/Zinc Stabilizers

Calcium-Zinc based stabilizers (Ca-Zn) are new generation stabilizers which gained importance in PVC market. We at Goldstab are proactively supporting this change and helping the industry to adapt to these changes. We have a strong & experienced technical team, which is incessantly working towards improving the quality of our stabilizers. Today, we are one of the leading manufacturers of Calcium-Zinc stabilizers in India. Due to our indigenous innovative capacity and commitment towards sustainable development, we have developed excellent products with the competitive advantage. Goldstab Calcium-Zinc stabilizers are performance oriented and particularly provide excellent long-term retention of color, outstanding mechanical properties and a high level of weathering resistance. We not only have products suitable for Indian markets but also provide widely accepted & appreciated ROHS and REACH compliant products for all applications.

Non-Toxic Liquid Stabilizers

At Goldstab, we have developed Barium Zinc liquid stabilizers for a number of flexible applications. The new range of liquid stabilizers provides excellent heat aging, mechanical and weathering properties at par with conventional liquid stabilizers. These non-toxic liquid stabilizers give advantage to our valued customers as well as the environment.

Technical Experts

We understand that the shift from conventional stabilizers to new generation stabilizers is not easy; hence we've employed an expert technical service team having rich experience in the field of stabilization and processing. We have different dedicated teams for specific applications and are always ready to help you solve any problems. During the business development stage, we will advise you on the selection of the right stabilizer system with right dosage of appropriate additives. We believe in the principle of ‘Growing Together’, which means we work as a partner in growth, during every phase till implementation. In last few years, we are now gaining fame not only as the largest manufacturer in India but also as a “solution provider” of our customers.