PVC Wires & Cables

PVC is one of most frequently used cable polymers. It imparts excellent properties for general insulation and sheathing, up to 5 KV high performance range. It imparts excellent flexibility, supports weather and chemical resistance as well as highly economical processing on high speed extruders

Apart from lead singles like TBLS, DBLS, LS, CS, DBL Phthal, GOLDSTAB has developed various lead based and Lead Free one pack stabilizer to choose from. GOLDSTAB offers a complete range of additive to satisfy the spectrum of PVC cable applications, tailor made to suite individual performance requirement like thermal stability, volume resistivity, initial color and gloss, color stability, light stability etc.

GOLDSTAB offers singles like TBLS, DBL Phthal with a particle size of less than 10 microns which give better dispersion.

Over the years GOLDSTAB has also developed various Non toxic additives depending on application and specific requirement


Ca/Zn based products

Application Product Features

 Type A (General Purpose Insulation for Service Temperature 70oC, upto 3.3 kV - as per IS:5831)


Versatile and economical products. Ensures compliances of mechanical and electrical properties of BIS, ISO and other international standards.


 Type ST-1 (General Purpose Sheathing, 70oC - as per IS:5831)


 Type B (General Purpose insulation for Service Temperature 70oC, rated voltage above 3.3 kV - as per IS:5831)


Recommended for higher service temeparture due to good heat ageing properties. Has excellent electrical properties such as I.R./ V.R.


 Type C (Heat resistant insulation for service temperature 85oC, upto 1.1 kV- as per IS:5831)



 Type ST -2 (Heat resistant sheathing, service temperature 90oC- as per IS:5831)



 T 1 (Service temperature upto 85oC - as per ISO:6722-1)



 T 2 (servive temperature upto 100oC - as per ISO 6722-1)


Excellent thermal stability and ageing properties


 T 3 (service temperature of 125oC - as per ISO 6722-1)


Lead based products

Application Product Features

 Type A and Type ST-1 (as per IS:5831)

4618 K

Versatile and economical product. Gives excellent productivity on high speed extrusion lines.


 Type B, Type C, ST-2 (as per IS:5831)


High lead content product, hence higher thermal stability


 T1, T2, T3 (as per ISO 6722-1)


Specially formulated to give excellent heat ageing properties.