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Goldstab Organics has set up a world-class plant in 2014 at Sarigam in Gujarat, India. This is one of the largest single location plants in the world with capacity of 50,000 tons per annum and with expansion plans of 80,000 tons per annum. Being probably the youngest plant in the field of PVC Stabilizers and Metallic Stearates, the plant boasts of the latest, state-of-the-art facilities of process control, material handling, environment protection and safety. The plant is fully back integrated starting from oxidation of metal (in case of lead stabilizers), making individual stabilizers and complex stabilizers seamlessly without handling at the intermediate stages.

The heavy metal free and lead based product lines are housed in separate buildings to prevent cross contaminations.

Our manufacturing processes are based on lean manufacturing concepts and hence have the capability to deliver fast and in a cost effective manner. The processes are robust and can produce consistent products batch after batch.