Due to excellent weather and impact resistance, PVC is being extensively used for profile and sheets. PVC also provides excellent heat and noise insulation, long service life and low maintenance cost.

Apart from lead singles like TBLS, DBLS, TBLS, LS, CS, DBL Phos, GOLDSTAB has developed various one pack additives from lead based to lead free one pack additive to choose from. Excellent quality of lubrication has been provided to ensure smooth extrusion with good lusture and finish.

Lead based products

Application Product Features

 Window Profiles

Goldstab 2177 WP

Perfect balance of heat stability and lubrication, versatile in use for all dimensions and cross sections of profiles. Gives good surface finish, gloss and color.

Goldstab 2179 WP

 Door Profiles

Goldstab 2020 HP

Gives high output in extruders, good mechanical strength, excellent color hold. Ensures long runs of extrusion campaign without need for opening up of dies.


 Foam Board

Goldstab 2020 AL

Specifically designed to ensure uniform cell structure and smooth surface finish.