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Goldstab Organics Pvt. Ltd. (formerly known as Kalpataru Organics Pvt. Ltd.) is the largest manufacturer of PVC Heat Stabilizers, Metallic Stearates and Polymer Additives in India. It was founded by two dynamic technocrats in 1997 with a vision to create a world-class company serving the polymer industry with high quality products and superior service to the customers.

The small start-up has blossomed into a large, professionally-managed organization and is a force to reckon with, in the domestic as well as international market.

Our unique selling proposition is that we have the strength & robustness of a large organization and at the same time have the agility and flexibility to manage continuous, rapid and sustainable change that is prerequisite to this business. We can deliver large volumes of high quality products at a competitive prices and can also offer customized solutions.