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PVC Heat Stabilizers

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Lubricants play a major role in PVC processing. An external lubricant is employed to assist the smooth passage of resin melt. An internal lubricant reduces melt viscosity allowing free movement between polymer chains and also prevents overheating which ensures the good color of the final product. There is no universal lubricant that can provide all the needed properties in the formulation. Hence, lubricants are always used in packages, as a lubricating system. Goldstab offers One Pack Lubricants with a perfect blend of internal and external lubrication required for the processing of pipes and fittings.


  • They control the process.
  • Lubricants interact with other ingredients of the formulation. Thus, change in any one ingredient may affect the solubility of the lubricant in the entire system
  • Process machinery uses different ratios of heat and shear to achieve the same end product.
  • A lubricant package designed for low heat - high shear machine may fail dramatically in high heat- low shear machine.
  • New lubricants should first be evaluated in the laboratory at different levels, temperatures and shear rates and their operating range are determined.

Product Table

Product Grade Application Key features
Goldstab LUB 60 N Rigid PVC Pipes Economical combination of internal and external lubricants
Goldstab LUB 60 PW Low melting paraffin waxes for processing pipes with high filler
Goldstab LUB 65 Formulation with balance of internal and external lubricants for high filler pipes.
Goldstab LUB 68 FT PVC Fittings Economical combination of internal and external lubricants
Goldstab LUB 78 FT Premium combination of lubricants, processing aids and impact modifier
Goldstab LUB 102 PE Rigid PVC articles and Polyolefin masterbatches Polyethylene wax
Goldstab LUB 110 PE Polyethylene wax for better heat stability
Goldstab LUB 116 PE Polyethylen wax in powder and prill form for better heat stability
Goldstab LUB OPE Oxidized PE wax

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