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PVC is used for making various types of footwear mainly due to the versatile nature of the polymer. In some cases colored or colorless compounds are processed with the use of only plasticizers to make transparent footwear straps. Goldstab offers solid and liquid stabilizers that provide high transparency and non-yellowing properties to the compounds. In other cases opaque compounds are made to manufacture hard base for floaters. Here, uniform dispersion of all additives and the mechanical properties of the final article along with aesthetics are the most important factors. Goldstab offers formulations with right balance of lubrication and stabilization to give the best performance while processing.

In last type PVC is used to manufacture high quality sport shoes with foaming agents as additive in compound to make lightweight yet tough material. The ingredients in stabilizer also affect the “kicking temperature” of the foaming agent which determines overall quality of the foamed article. Special lubricants added in the formulation affect the cell structure and are responsible for uniform dispersion of gas in the matrix.

Goldstab liquid mixed metals are available in both Cadmium based and Cadmium free forms. We also provide non-toxic, solid Barium and Zinc based stabilizers for flexible applications to match the needs of customers.

Product Table

Mixed Metal Powder Stabilizer

Application Product Grade Key Features
PVC Shoe soles Goldstab 4014 VP General purpose stabilizer for reprocessed material
Transparent Footwear Goldstab 6130 Excellent color hold and transparency
Opaque Flexible Moulds Goldstab 6140 Moderate heat stability
Goldstab 6141 Excellent whiteness and good heat stability
Foaming Compound Goldstab 6142 Good heat stability & transparency
Goldstab 6160 Excellent heat stability & transparency

Note: Various other grades available to suit specific needs of customers

Liquid Mixed Metal Stabilizer

Application Product Grade Key Features
Footwear Goldstab 812 Premium stabilizer with excellent heat stability & transparency
Goldstab 830 Modearte heat stability and higher clarity and transparency
Goldstab 864
Goldstab 891 Premium stabilizer for good heat stability and transparency

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