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Paints and Coatings

Paints and Coatings

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Paint is a homogeneous dispersion of pigments in resin. These resins have long-chain structure that crosslink with each other and form a protective film. Some paints dry physically, while some dry chemically and need external oxidation catalysts like metal octoates.

Driers are metal octoates widely used in the paint industry for reducing drying time of the paint after application on the substrate. Goldstab offers driers with very high purity and consistent viscosity that ensures consistent performance in terms of drying time and properties of the paint film after complete drying. Apart from single driers Goldstab also offers combination driers as per the requirements of the customers for their specific needs. We also offer driers in the form of water dispersion.

Product Table

Metal Octoates and Naphthanates

Cobalt Octoate 3%, 6%, 8%, 10%, 12%
Manganese Octoate 6%, 8%, 10%
Lead Octoate 18%, 24%, 32%, 36%
Iron Octoate 4%, 6%
Zinc Octoate 6%, 12%, 18%
Cerelium Octoate 6%, 10%, 12%
Zirconium Octoate 6%, 12%, 18%, 24%
Strontium Octoate 10%
Barium Octoate 12%
Calcium Octoate 3%, 5%, 6%, 10%
Potassium Octoate 15%
Copper Naphthanate 6%, 8%, 8.6%
Zinc Naphthanate 6%
Lithium Naphthanate 2%

Goldstab Lead Base Combination Driers

Application Product Grade Key Features
Paint Goldstab 025 General purpose combination drier
Goldstab 026 Economical grade for general purpose
Printing Ink Goldstab 028 Extremely fast drying property
Primer Goldstab 068 Moderate drying properties
Enamel Goldstab 121 White and light shade enamel

Goldstab Lead Free Combination Driers (Co, Ca, Zr)

Application Product Grade Key Features
Paint Goldstab 223 General purpose combination drier
Goldstab 233 For fast drying
Enamel Goldstab 2E9 White and light shade enamel
Printing Ink Goldstab 369 Extremely fast drying property
Water dispersion paint Goldstab 933 Water dispersion drier for Alkyd

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