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Speciality Additives

Speciality Additives

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Goldstab also offers various specialty additives which are used by processors to impart specific properties to the polymer compounds. Addition of a small quantity of these additives makes a huge difference in the performance of the final product.

Anti-termites and anti-rodents

Goldstab offers additives such as copper naphthanate, Zinc Naphthanate and Lead naphthanate.

Phenyl Phosphites

Phosphite based co-stabilizers improve heat stability, color hold and transparency of the final article. Goldstab provides high quality Tris(Nonylphenyl) Phosphite (TNPP) that imparts great stabilizing strength to the PVC compound.

Epoxidized Soya Bean Oil

ESBO is used as a co-stabilizer and plasticizer in flexible as well as rigid PVC applications. It not only improves color hold but also increases weathering properties. Goldstab ESBO can be used in various applications such as wires and cables and rigid extruded products to enhance thermal and aesthetic properties.

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