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Metallic Stearates

PVC Heat Stabilizers

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The little things we overlook build-up to the big ones.

Metallic stearates are used as a lubricating agent in various applications and is also used as a co-stabilizer for PVC. Their high melting point enables faster, easier and smooth processing. Goldstab started with manufacturing of just lead stearate in 1997. Today, Goldstab produces a range of premium-quality metallic stearates with highly sophisticated process and standard raw materials to provide consistent properties for all possible applications from polyolefin masterbatches to paints and coatings. They provide good long-term heat resistance ability and lubricity that boasts good color and gloss to end the product.


  • Goldstab metallic stearate have a defined morphology that reduces the build-up on mesh screen during extrusion process.
  • Goldstab Barium Stearate has a high melting point that enables faster processing of PVC.
  • Goldstab Cadmium Stearate restricts UV degradation and yellowing of the product.
  • Goldstab Lead Stearate along with Goldstab Barium Stearate can improve the electrical properties of the product.

Product Table

Calcium Stearate Additive for PVC, Polyolefin masterbatches and food additives
Zinc Stearate Additive for PVC and polyolefin masterbatches
Cadmium Stearate Additive for PVC
Barium Stearate Additive for PVC
Aluminium Stearate Thikening agent and water repellent
Magnesium Stearate mold release and lubricant in thermosets and thermoplastics, anticaking agent and excipient.
Sodium Stearate Rubbers Latex paints and inks

Goldstab: A winning formula.


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