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Liquid Mixed Metal Stabilizers

PVC Heat Stabilizers

Product Description

The liquid mixed metal stabilizers are based on metals octoates of Ba, Cd, K, Zn for several flexible applications like Calendared Sheets, Leather Cloth, Films, Floorings, Hoses, Tubings, Soft PVC Application. They provide moderate to high heat stability.

At Goldstab, we have developed modern range of non-toxic Barium Zinc liquid stabilizers for a number of flexible applications. The new range of liquid stabilizers provides excellent heat aging, mechanical and weathering properties at par with conventional liquid stabilizers. These non-toxic liquid stabilizers give advantage to our valued customers as well as the environment.


  • Barium, Cadmium & Zinc based stabilizers are the most efficient in liquid stabilizers and are used in Footwear and Calendaring products.
  • Barium & Zinc based liquid stabilizers modern range of non-toxic and are best suited for leather cloth application
  • Cadmium & Zinc based liquid stabilizers are used for Foamed leather cloth, Flexible Extrusions, etc.

Product Table

Product Grade Application Composition Key features
Goldstab 810 XL Flexible Film



Premium Stabilizer
Goldstab 812 Shoe compound, flexible pipe and flexible film Premium stabilizer with high static and dynamic heat stability
Goldstab 814 Flex banner Premium stabilizer with excellent color hold and high heat stability performance
Goldstab 815 XL Suction Hose Pipe Ba-Pb Good heat stability and transparency
Goldstab 829 Leather Cloth (Foamed Layer) Cd-Zn Provides slow to medium kicking action depending on the machine
Goldstab 830 Flexible Film and Footwear Ba-Zn Non-toxic stabilizer with modearte heat stability and higher clarity and transparency
Goldstab 831 Transparent Film and Leather Cloth Provides excellent transparency
Goldstab 835 Flexible Film Non-toxic stabilizer with moderate dynamic heat stability
Goldstab 837 Leather Cloth (Compact Layer) Heavy metal free and non toxic stabilizer
Goldstab 838 Flexible Film Non toxic stabilizer with excellent static & dynamic heat stability and transparency for all round performance
Goldstab 839 Foamed Layer Provides slow to medium kicking action depending on the machine
Goldstab 862 Flexible Film Ba-Cd-Zn Good heat stability and transparency
Goldstab 864 Footwear Economical product for efficient heat stability, higher clarity and transparency
Goldstab 873 Leather Cloth (Foamed Layer) K-Zn Fast kicking action
Goldstab 875 PR Fittings Sb High Thermal stability, good color hold and gloss
Goldstab 875 S
Goldstab 875 SP
Goldstab 890 Compact Layer Ba-Cd-Zn Economical stabilizer for good heat stability and color hold
Goldstab 891 Footwear and flexible sheets Premium stabilizer for good heat stability and transparency

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