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Individual Lead Stabilizers

PVC Heat Stabilizers

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Goldstab has gained manufacturing excellence over a period of time on its journey towards perfecting the process to make individual lead based stabilizer. Complete automation and PLC controlled processes allow us to give consistent product with negligible batch to batch variation. We start the process of making Lead based stabilizers right from Lead metal. The back integration allows us to gain more control over quality at multiple stages.

Although there are many benefits of lead stabilizers like very strong stabilization effect at a very low cost, they are also toxic in nature and are being replaced by mixed metal stabilizers.

PVC compounds when stabilized with lead heat stabilizers show excellent heat and light stability, exceptional mechanical and electrical properties provide wide processing range

Tri Basic Lead Sulphate (TBLS)

Tribasic Lead Sulphate (TBLS) is the most popular and versatile lead-based heat stabilizer for PVC. Goldstab provides TBLS with a very fine particle size and uniform distribution, which gives good dispersion in the PVC matrix and hence imparts high thermal stability, better shine and higher output.

Dibasic Lead Stearate (DBLS)

Dibasic Lead Stearate is a heat stabilizer cum lubricant for PVC. It plays an important role in processing of PVC for lubrication at the mixing and metering zone of the extruder.

Lead Stearate (LS)

Lead Stearate (LS) is a neutral heavy metal salt of lead and stearic acid. It has dual function of heat stability and also acts as an excellent external lubricant.

Goldstab Dibasic Lead Phosphite

Goldstab Dibasic Lead Phosphite is a great heat and UV stabilizer that provides high weathering resistance. It performs best when used in combination with Goldstab Tribasic Lead Sulphate and Goldstab Lead Stearate.

Goldstab Dibasic Lead Phthalate

Goldstab Dibasic Lead Phthalate is mainly used for flexible applications due to its high compatibility with other plasticizers. It provides effective heat and light stability and excellent initial color hold property to PVC compounds. It also helps in pigment dispersion.

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