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PVC pipes & pipe fittings

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PVC pipes play a very crucial role in the transport of potable water. PVC pipes are safe, durable, cost-efficient and easy to install. But, one needs to be conscious about the quality of pipes as per regulatory requirements in terms of superior mechanical strength to withstand high pressure in working conditions and excellent chemical resistance to withstand exposure of various chemicals.

Goldstab offers a wide range of lead-based one pack as well as lead-free one pack stabilizers such as Calcium Zinc stabilizers and Calcium organic stabilizers. Different formulations are specially designed to fulfill specific requirements of processors for various types of pipes that comply with Indian standards and international standards.

Goldstab offers products in both powder and flake forms.

Product Table

Calcium Based Stabilizers

Application Product Grade Key features
Agricultural, Casing, Commercial, Pressure and SWR Pipes (BIS 4985, BIS 13592) Goldstab CZ 5208 ND Non-dusting and economical stabilizer
Goldstab CZ 5209
Goldstab CZ 5209 ND
Good heat stability and gloss
Goldstab CZ 5216 ND Provides excellent lubrication along with heat stability
Goldstab OBS 5220 Zinc-free stabilizer
Plumbing Pipe (ASTM D1785) Goldstab CZ 5212
Goldstab CZ 5212 ND
Premium quality stabilizer for excellent whiteness
Column Pipe Goldstab CZ 5213 Suitable stabilizer for superior performance and better mechanical properties
Goldstab CZ 5218 ND
Fittings Goldstab CZ 5392 FT Good heat stability, gloss and mechanical properties

Note: Various other grades available to suit specific needs of customers

Lead Based One Pack Stabilizers

Application Product Grade Key features
Column and Foam Core Pipes Goldstab 3051 Excellent gelation along with heat stability
SWR Pipe (BIS 13592) Goldstab 3003 PP Superior performance while processing
Goldstab 3020 M
Goldstab 3085
Goldstab 3520
Agriculture, Casing, Corrugated, Plumbing and Pressure Pipe (ASTM D 1785, BIS 4985, BIS 12818) Goldstab 3016 N Provides higher output, reducing the processing cost & excellent mechanical and aesthetic properties
Goldstab 3018 P
Goldstab 3051 KA
Goldstab 3182
Goldstab 3550 N
Goldstab PP 3040 K
Commercial Pipes Goldstab 3500 R Excellent lubrication allong with heat stability
Goldstab 3515
Goldstab 3520 A
Goldstab 3545
Conduit Pipe Goldstab 2050 Specially designed for single screw
Goldstab 3014 High Thermal stability and good color hold
Goldstab 3051 N
Goldstab 3184
Suction Pipe Goldstab 2008 M
Goldstab 2040
Fittings Goldstab 3028 FT Increases V.S.T. and provides higher thermal stability
Goldstab 3058 FT

Liquid Stabilizers

Application Product Grade Key features
Suction Hose Pipe Goldstab 815 XL Higher heat resistance
Braided Hose Pipe Goldstab 812 Higher heat resistance and transparent property
Goldstab 901
Goldstab 975
Garden Pipe Goldstab 983 GT Provides translucent to transparent property
Goldstab 985 GT
Goldstab 987 GT
Fittings Goldstab 875 PR High Thermal stability, good color hold and gloss
Goldstab 875 S
Goldstab 875 SP


Product Grade Application Key features
Goldstab LUB 60 N Rigid PVC Pipes Economical combination of internal and external lubricants
Goldstab LUB 60 PW Low melting paraffin waxes for processing pipes with high filler
Goldstab LUB 65 Formulation with balance of internal and external lubricants for high filler pipes.
Goldstab LUB 68 FT PVC Fittings Economical combination of internal and external lubricants
Goldstab LUB 78 FT Premium combination of lubricants, processing aids and impact modifier

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