Product Name

Organotin Stabilizers

PVC Heat Stabilizers

Product Description

Organotin stabilizers give excellent thermal performance even at 0.3 PHR and thus are said to be the most efficient and best stabilizers for PVC in consideration of their performance, usage, toxicity and compatibility. They are colorless, transparent, low odor liquids and go with single and twin screw extruders for soft and hard PVC processing.

They impart excellent initial color hold properties and lower melt viscosity making the process easy. They stabilize UPVC polymers and vinyl copolymers, which can be used in food packaging and blow moulding.


  • Excellent heat stability
  • Long-term color hold
  • Works for plasticised as well as unplasticised PVC
  • Best for transparent applications

Product Table

Product Grade Application Key features
Goldstab 901 Fitting, Braided hose pipe, Rigid PVC and WPC sheets, Flexible pipe and film, Medical devices and other transparent articles Premium product for best heat stability and transparency
Goldstab 975 Fittings, films and other transparent articles Good heat stability, transparency and non-yellowing
Goldstab 955
Goldstab 983 GT Garden Tubes Good heat stability and transparency
Goldstab 985 GT
Goldstab 987 GT

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