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PVC Masterbatch

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Masterbatches are made using higher concentrations of pigments, fillers or other functional additives in carrier polymer resin. The highly concentrated mixture is then mixed in larger quantity of resin. The advantage of making masterbatch is the ease of dispersion and processing. However making masterbatch is quite challenging task. Masterbatch manufacturers face challenges in achieving uniform and homogeneous distribution of fillers and pigments. Since these additives do not melt in extrusion process, hence homogenizing and processing becomes difficult. It also increases the load on extruder motor and hence energy consumption of the machine increases. This affects the cost of processing with double effect as along with increasing energy cost it also decreases output as retention time in the machine increases. Moreover blockages and clogging makes it compulsory for processors to stop the machine for cleaning and maintenance and also hampers the consistency. The reproducibility of color without visible specks on the compounded material determines the quality of the masterbatch.

Product Table

Metallic Stearates

Application Product Key Features
Masterbatches Calcium Stearate Pure Calcium salt of high quality stearic acid with no non-melting particles.
Zinc Stearate Zinc salt of stearic acid that improves dispersion and output.

One Pack Lubricants

Application Product Grade Key Features
Rigid PVC articles and Polyolefin masterbatches Goldstab LUB 102 PE Polyethylene wax
Goldstab LUB 110 PE Polyethylene wax for better heat stability
Goldstab LUB 116 PE Polyethylene wax in powder and prill form for better heat stability
Goldstab LUB OPE Oxidized PE wax

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