Application Name

Leather cloth

Stablilizer for PVC leather cloth manufacturer in India

About Application:

Artificial leather made from PVC has proven to be best replacement to leather. It is much more durable and has more resistance to abrasion and wear and tare. Due to many advantages like flexibility in operation, non toxic, weather resistance, PVC is very widely used for high filled floorings, wall covering, leather cloth, films and flexible sheets.

Goldstab offer various liquid mixed metal stabilizers and activators with excellent heat stability and good lubrication that provides ease of processing and dispersion. These grades are available in both cadmium based and cadmium free forms with no drop performance over the years. These high quality stabilizers and kickers provide great foaming efficiency and uniform thickness to the leather cloth. It also provides great finish to the substrate.

Product Table

Calcium Based Stabilizer

Application Product Grade Key features
Compact Layer Goldstab CZ 5095 Odorless and solvent free heat stabilizer
Goldstab 6130 Good heat stability and color hold

Liquid Mixed Metal Stabilizer

Application Product Grade Key features
Compact Layer Goldstab 812 Premium stabilizer for excellent static and dynamic heat stability
Goldstab 831 Provides excellent color hold
Goldstab 837 Heavy metal free and non toxic stabilizer
Goldstab 890 Economical stabilizer for good heat stability and color hold
Foamed Layer Goldstab 829 Provides slow to medium kicking action depending on the machine
Goldstab 839
Goldstab 873 Fast kicking action

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