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Films and Sheets

Plasticizer for PVC flexible sheets

About Application:

Plasticizers help in making PVC flexible and allowing it to be used for various applications and also replace rubber at some places. Other than flexibility in operation and installation, transparency, durability and chemical resistance properties of PVC make it a suitable material for wall covering, films, flex, transparent healthcare articles, etc.

Goldstab offers a range of solid and mixed metal liquid Stabilizers to choose from depending on the type of application, transparency requirements, the technology of processing and specific requirements of the customer such as the use of non-toxic ingredients. The formulations are made to make sure that final articles get excellent transparency.

In addition to traditional stabilizers, Goldstab also has a range of modern Calcium-Zinc based solid stabilizer system and Barium-Zinc based liquid stabilizer system to fulfil stabilization requirements in food packaging, toys, and tablecloth applications.

Product Table

Calcium Based Stabilizer

Application Product Grade Key Features
Healthcare articles and pharmaceutical packaging Goldstab CZ 5142 Outstanding transparency, chemical resistance and anti-bacterial properties
Goldstab CZ 54102

Mixed Metal Stabilizer

Application Product Grade Key Features
Flexible Film Goldstab 810 XL Premium Stabilizer
Goldstab 812 Premium stabilizer with high static and dynamic heat stability
Goldstab 830 Non-toxic, economical stabilizer
Goldstab 831 Non-toxic stabilizer
Goldstab 835 Non-toxic stabilizer with moderate dynamic heat stability
Goldstab 838 Non toxic stabilizer with excellent static & dynamic heat stability and transparency for all round performance
Goldstab 862 Economical stabilizer for transparency
Goldstab 891 Stabilizer with moderate strength and high transparency
Flex banner Goldstab 814 Premium stabilizer with excellent color hold and high heat stability performance

Organotin Based Stabilizer

Application Product Grade Key Features
Transparent and Rigid PVC Sheets Goldstab 901 Premium product for best transparency and excellent heat stability
Goldstab 955 Good heat stability and transparency
Goldstab 975

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