Leather Cloth & Floorings

Due to many advantages like flexibility in operation, non toxic, weather resistance. PVC is very widely used for high filled floorings, wall covering. Leather cloth, films and flexible sheets.

GOLDSTAB offer various liquid mixed metal stabilizers activators to choose from. These grades are available in both cadmium based and cadmium free forms with no drop performance over the years GOLDSTAB has also developed non toxic Ca/2n Stabilizers for medical and toys application

Leather Cloth, Calendered Sheets and Flooring

Application Product Features

 Calendered Sheets, Flex banners, Leather Cloth

Goldstab 810 XL

Ba/Cd based Liquid Stabilizers, imparts excellent stability, transparency and has low plate out.

Goldstab 814
Goldstab 602
Goldstab 830

Ba/Zn based Liquid stabilizers, RoHS compliant, excellent stability and transparency.

Goldstab 838

 Foamed Leather Cloth

Goldstab 829

Cd/Zn based kicker. Fast action allows high line speed, gives uniform cell structure.

Goldstab 872

RoHS compliant fast action kicker.