PVC Pipes & Fittings

PVC is used for making pipe and fitting from many years. PVC pipes offer a very long service life and are extremely corrosive resistant. Being resistance to chemicals, PVC Pipes can also be used for rain & waste water drainage systems. PVC pipe offers excellent weather and impact resistance, apart from high level of hydraulic capacity.

Apart from individual stabilizers like TBLS DBLS, LS, CS, DBL Phos, GOLDSTAB offers a range of one pack stabilizers, right from lead based one packs to lead free one packs to choose from.

GOLDSTAB offers special additives precisely tailored to suit the customer needs. Additives can be used for different PVC pipe systems like pressure pipe, sewage / waste water pipe, gas pipe, conduit pipe, foam core pipe etc. All the important characteristics like pressure test, impact test, VST test, reversion test, light stability etc are considered while developing the products.

GOLDSTAB offers one pack additives in powder as well as non dusting flakes form. Products are available with low lubrication level to excellent lubrication level to suit individual needs.

Lead based Stabilizers

Application Product Features

 Column Pipes

Goldstab 3051

High thermal stability, perfectly balanced lubrication, imparts high mechanical strength to pipes.

Goldstab 3050
Goldstab 2040

 Pressure Pipes

Goldstab 3016

Excellent thermal stability and higher lubrication, delivers high output from extruders, ensures full compliance of mechanical properties such as pressure test, impact, reversion as per BIS, ASTM and other international standards.

Goldstab 3016 N
Goldstab 3080 PR
Goldstab 3062 L
Goldstab 3017 KA
Goldstab 3018 L
Goldstab 3085

 Non-Pressure Pipes, SWR Pipes

Goldstab 3180 A

Balanced stability and lubrication, economical to use, generally requires additional lubrication while compounding.

Goldstab 3182
Goldstab 3003 N
Goldstab 3085


Goldstab 2008

High stability, lower lubrication, hence requires additional lubrication while compounding.

Goldstab 2020 HP

 Fittings and Mouldings

Goldstab 3048 FT

Lead based Complete One Pack Stabilizer systems with internal and external lubrication

Goldstab 3028 FT
Goldstab 875

Liquid stabilizer with excellent thermal stability, with moderate lubrication. Eliminates flow marks and gives excellent surface finish.

Goldstab Lub 78 FT

Complete Lubricant One Pack to be used in conjunction with Lead stabilizers or Tin stabilizers. Gives excellent flow and surface finish.


Note: Various other grades available to suit specific needs of customers

Ca/Zn based Stabilizers

Application Product Features

 Column Pipes and Pressure Pipes

Goldstab 5212

Excellent thermal stability, better output, excellent mechanical properties like reversion, impact and burst pressure.

Goldstab 5992

 Plumbing Pipes

Goldstab 5212

High stability, excellent color hold, delivers high output in extruder. Ensures full compliance of mechanical properties as per BIS, ASTM and other international standards.